Jack-up rigs require a lot of work that is simply not required for a platform rig, and require companies to halt production while they are connected…
Pemex’s offshore drilling operations have been impacted by two factors, the Pemex Law, and the lack of jack-ups available for hire.
BY ERIC BUSTAMANTE DE LA PARRA Director General of OIS Corporation
Erics Bustamante de la Parra
Director General
OIS Corporation
The domestic energy services industry in Mexico comprised small to mid-sized, closely held companies with limited access to capita
Pemex has to delineate existing fields, especially in the southeast region, in order to boost its 1P reserves through reclassification.
Pemex’s 2012-2016 exploration strategy aims to add 1.56 billion Boe to the NOC’s 3P reserves in 2012.
Guillermo Capacho, Senior Vice President International Operations of Key Energy Services
Guillermo Capacho
Senior Vice President International Operations
Key Energy Services
Capacho took steps to restructure the company since his arrival at Key Energy Services.
UAN MANUEL BARAJAS ICHANTE Director General of Petroswab
Juan Manuel Barajas
Director General
Swabbing is a technique used in producing wells of pulling fluid from the wellbore using a wire rope and cup assembly.
Daniel Rosenqvist
View from the Top
Daniel Rosenqvist
Country Manager Mexico
ITS Energy Services
ITS won a 24-month contract with Pemex to provide casing running services.
Horacio Méndez Villalobos, General Manager of Weatherford Mexico
View from the Top
Horacio Méndez Villalobos
General Manager
The field lab strategy is an alternative strategy to improve the productivity of Chicontepec
The combination of new discoveries, improvements in development, revisions and delineations, and the gradually declining production level enabled…
Pemex has increased exploration investment substantially, to about US$2.47 billionin 2011 from only US$74 million in 2000.
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