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AICM and the Toluca International Airport now operate under the same digital platform. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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The rover recently landed on Mars, in a mission that will create a better understanding of this planet.
Three decades after the launch of the first Mexican satellite, Mexico’s incipient space industry is preparing for takeoff.
Carlos Robles, Vice President, Central Region  Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA)
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Carlos Robles
Vice President of the Central Region
The New Space is an emerging global industry for which FEMIA has created a Space Commission to promote Mexican companies in different fields.
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The Mexican Space Agency celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing the first Mexican Space Innovation and Development Center.
Supersonic Airplane
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Virgin Galactic and Rolls Royce aim to design supersonic airplanes and become the first venture to market human spaceflight.
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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon made a historic splash down in the Gulf of Mexico after a successful mission flight from the International Space Station
Airport Terminal
Weekly Roundups
The pandemic still smothers the aerospace sector. However, Arnaiz film director announced a new film in tribute to Mexico’s very own astronaut.
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Companies will be eligible to receive up to US$125,000 to bring new technologies to market, reports NASA officials.
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