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Adrián Márquez
Director General
VMX MinePro
OEMs work with standard components, but these can be improved to better fit users' needs.
by Cas Biekmann
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Jacob Randall
Global Director of Strategic Markets
Cone Drive
Cone Drive is a US-based global manufacturer of precision motion-control solutions and critical mission applications.
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Jorge Martínez
Director General of Zacua
Zacua is a 100-percent Mexican OEM focused on electric vehicle development. The company released its first two models, the M2 and M3, in 2017. Both…
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Felipe Sandoval
General Manager Of Zodiac Aerospace
Zodiac Aerospace is a leading supplier of interior components for helicopters and space applications, as well as commercial, regional and business…
The aerospace industry slowed down during 2016 but continues to perform well.
Slowing but stable revenues, a backlog of existing orders, rising passenger numbers and a favorable manufacturing climate are expected to overcome…
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Carlos Robles
President Of The Mexican Federation For The Aerospace Industry (Femia) And Vice President Of Bombardier Queretaro
FEMIA represents the Mexican aerospace industry with the goals of promoting it internationally and attracting FDI.
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