Mexico Assigns Border Funds for Legal Migration Pathways
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As part of a recent agreement, the US committed to expand the cap on work visas and create bilateral migration pathways and worker protections.
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During FASSST, Minister of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard praised startups for their role in boosting Mexico’s economic growth.
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Gustavo Petro becomes Colombia’s first left-wing president. López Obrador celebrated Petro’s election.
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The change will affect some rapid detection tests, smartphones, tobacco and nicotine products and devices, among other products.
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Weekly Roundups
President Lopez Obrador introduced a plan to tackle the country’s rising inflation. Read more about it in this week’s roundup!
ELSSA Attracts 165 Companies After Launch
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The safety agency grows as companies look to overcome talent scarcity and meet new compliance standards.
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President López Obrador announced a controversial new plan to control Mexico’s fast-rising inflation.
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Mexico’s President introduced a new electoral reform that will replace the National Electoral Institute.
Mexican Supreme Court Finds Cellphone Registry Unconstitutional
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After being suspended last year, the PANAUT proposal was definitely struck down.
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