Alma America Porres
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Alma América Porres
CNH Commissioner Porres details the ways in which exploration success in Mexico has translated into results.
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The agreement will last approximately five years to evaluate the potential of wild vegetation and the impact of a reforestation plan in Puebla.
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Internal investigations reveal that the NOC decided not to charge the contractor with penalties. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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Recent released figures and media reports reveal an increase in fuel theft and illegal taps of midstream infrastructure.
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Thanks to the “Responsible Tourist” initiative, visitors are expected to follow strict sanitary protocols.
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The company continues its path to sustainability through its Mission: Zero, a plan to achieve environmentally friendly productions.
CLAUZ - Mónica Doger
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Mónica Doger
Director General
“We are convinced we can foster growth within the automotive supply chain.” Read our full interview with CLAUZ, here.
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The state is gearing up to support more energy projects to diversify its energy mix further. Read all about it here!
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Beetmann invests US$20 million in a project to incorporate renewable energy and generate more than 100 direct and indirect jobs in Querétaro.
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