Guillermo Sepulveda
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Guillermo Sepulveda
Founder & CEO
Gröuth Group
Gröuth Group is finding new areas of opportunity in real estate and wellness.
Flights Cancelled
Weekly Roundups
Airlines are balancing the opening and closing of flight routes in Mexico in the face of the pandemic as low demand impacted airlines’ profitability.
LGBT+ Beach
News Article
LGBT+ people spend up to 55 percent more than the average tourist and bases its decisions on their desire to travel, not on financial restrictions.
API Puerto Vallarta
News Article
Stranded tourists hope to disembark in Puerto Vallarta to begin their journey home.
COVID-free Restaurants Mexico City
News Article
Restaurants and hotels in Mexico City want to reopen as soon as possible. They will ask the authorities to certify them as virus-free areas.
Cabo San Lucas
News Article
A survey by Preferred Hotels & Resorts places Mexico among the Top 10 most desired countries for travel in the world post COVID-19.
Cruise Liner
News Article
Cruise ships are one of the main tourist industries in Mexico. The ports of Cozumel and Mahahual will be the most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
Marcela Estrada, of CREA
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Marcela Estrada
Director General
CREA offers market intelligence and financial analysis for local companies wanting to expand their market and foreign investors interested in Mexico
Tulum, Quintana Roo
Tourism has been a strategic industry for Mexico for more than half a century, it must face several challenges to maintain its competitiveness
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