Feminist March
Weekly Roundups
March 9 will be a day of national strike for Mexican women. An inclusive workforce can lead to rewards. Read this and more in your weekly roundup!
René Schlegel
René Schlegel
René Schlegel
Robert Bosch México

Millennial is just another label. There are many other conditions beyond generational factors that perhaps define what makes people similar or different but, in the end, there is no real generational gap between any of us. Age is a continuum. It maybe just seems useful to make a distinction between different generations because it allows us to put people in convenient boxes, easy to label. But from an applied perspective, there are many more considerations that unite rather then divide us. Our goals are similar regardless if we are 80 or 20 years old, even if how we want to achieve them differs. The best way we have found to work with millennials, baby-boomers and all other generations is to put people in mixed work groups. This way, remaining differences become useful and everyone can work toward the same target.

Together with technological innovation, the millennial generation has brought disruption to the industry
Andrés Sánchez
Andrés Sánchez
Managing Director
Understanding each other’s motivations is key for successful business collaborations.
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