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A Mexican dental tech startup has secured another round of investment to expand its services. In addition, Google announces a startup program.
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Recently the company announced a critical round of investments led by SoftBank to strengthen the company's operations.
piggy bank
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Fintonic, a fintech startup offers financial solutions to users due to a decrease in credit-grant offers to companies and individuals.
Irene Merino
Expert Contributor
Irene Merino
Head of Human Resources
Decathlon Mexico
Employees are an organization's valuable assets and the key to success, so it is important for Decathlon to motivate and understand its…
E-commerce sales
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Traditionally, consumers needed a store to buy products and services. Nowadays, they have access to digital platforms to source digital goods.
Helena Ferreira, Retail Director of Nike México
Helena Ferreira
Retail Director
Nike México
For Helena Ferreira, Retail Director of Nike Mexico, sports can be an empowerment tool and a way to overcome barriers, athletically and socially.
Elie Haibi
View from the Top
Elie Haibi
Co-founder and CEO
Hermes Systems
Hermes Systems is a Mexican company specialized in the digital transformation of businesses.
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