Jose Luis Martinez, Solbiz
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José Luis Martínez
Director General
Through customized solutions, SolbiZ offers its clients the tools to start or accelerate their digital transformation
Martin Dieck Assad
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Martin Dieck Assad
General Director
Grupo MADISA is Mexico’s largest distributor of machinery and equipment, offering products for a wide range of industries.
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The Mexican tire sector has seen sales dry up following mobility restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.
GM - Factory
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Review year-on-year sales, production, and exports figures on the Mexican automotive sector. Recovery signs are visible.
Phone with an online shop on screen
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COVID-19 has created a more urgent need for digitalization and those who heed the call are noticing positive results.
Nzareth black - Car Fast
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Nazareth Black
Founder and CEO
Car Fast
Learn more about vehicle e-commerce. Car Fast offers all brands digitally and has a financing platform of its own.
Ford Aguascalientes
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May sales results show a better-than-expected performance while USMCA’s uniform regulations were presented by the Ministry of Economy.
Sustainability will be the strongest trend in the luxury sector
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According to the Spanish Luxury Association, sustainability will be the strongest trend in the sector in a post-COVID-19 world.
Luxury Sector Crisis
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A report published by consulting firm Bain & Co. assures that sales levels shown by the luxury industry in 2019 will not recover until 2023.
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