Edgar Godoy
View from the Top
Edgar González Godoy
Country Director
Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Alliance has built expertise in connecting the small producer to large companies.
Milpa field
News Article
The government recently published a new agricultural program with a message that puts the government at the center of everything.
Weekly Roundups
The implementation of USMCA is nearing, and with it, new environmental standards are putting pressure on Mexico.
Victor Villalobos, of SADER
News Article
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) stresses the positive impact of its programs during these troubled times.
Food Supply globally and in mexico
News Article
Supply chains have already been heavily disrupted and will continue to show damage for some time. What does this mean for the most vulnerable?
Faucet in field
Weekly Roundups
One country is willing to share technology to support the Sembrando Vida program.
Fisherman on a lake
Weekly Roundups
The government is using significant public spending to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on agriculture producers.
Field and trees
News Article
Before Sembrando Vida, the administrations of Calderon and Peña Nieto had their own tree planting programs. What can we learn from those experiences?
News Article
President López Obrador has committed an immense budget to the Sembrando Vida program, but what impact is it having?
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