Claudio Martinelli
Expert Contributor
Claudio Martinelli
Managing Director, Latin America
Claudio Martinelli shares five recommendations with the founders of startups to start a cybersecurity strategy.
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The IDB will invest in DILA Capital and 500 Startups Latam, two venture capital funds with presence in Mexico and Latin America
The Panorama Of A Healthcare Startup In Mexico
Mexico has a favorable environment for startups, but what are the challenges they face in the healthcare industry?
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Lourens Verweij
Managing Partner & Industry Advisor
Additio Investment Group & LSH Access Foundation
Additio Investment Group addresses Mexican startups, their contribution to medical innovation and the company's role as an investor and advisor
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While some startup businesses are losing revenue and laying off employees, others are ramping up their services.
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Ángel Bañuelos
Founder and CEO
Balero Ventures
With an Innovative Center for Startups & Companies, Balero offers a co-working space with prototyping labs and test areas for new innovative…
Luxury items
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The startup operates marketplace of pre-owned fashion items. Users can both sell and buy luxury, pre-owned fashion products, clothes and accessories
Adriana Vallejo
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Adriana Vallejo
Monterrey Chapter Leader
Hacking Health
Hacking Health Chapter Monterrey leader, Adriana Vallejo, encourages a better entrepreneur environment to boost innovative practices in Mexico
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Since mid-March, US startups have laid approximately 25,000 people off from 259 tech startups.
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