Jorge Flores, Vopak
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Jorge Flores
Commercial Director
Vopak’s Jorge Flores outlines the company’s expansion in the Mexican market, as well as its commitment to sustainability.
Weekly Roundups
A pipeline deal, social issues, energy reform concerns and new technologies are part of this week’s top stories.
Antonio Morales, Chint
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Antonio Morales
Utility Sales Director
Chint Mexico & Central America
Antonio Morales highlights how Chint’s many solutions allow it to deliver quality despite rising commodity prices and energy sector hardships.
Ken Tsutsumi, Panasonic
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Ken Tsutsumi
Board Member & Solutions Sales and Marketing
Ken Tsutsumi explains how Panasonic’s 40-plus years of experience allow it to add value in solar and storage solutions.
News Article
The pharmaceutical aims to double its vaccine and high-specialty medicine storage capacity with a new cold chamber unit
Storage continues to develop and grow in importance worldwide. How could Mexico benefit?
Warehouse 1
News Article
This is the largest investment the company has made in Mexico. What will Mercado Libre do with such an investment?
La Paz, Mexico
News Article
Wärtsilä launches agile balancing technology, capable of ramping up to 10+MW per module in two minutes, to bridge Mexico to a renewable energy future
Veronica Fregoso
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Verónica Fregoso
PMC Platform Manager
PPG Comex
"Our product portfolio not only includes corrosion protective coatings, we also have antiacid protection for steel and concrete"
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