Olivier Bouvet
Expert Contributor
Olivier Bouvet
Transformation Experience Officer
Mobility ADO
Convincing both governments and users of the benefits of new fuels plays a critical part in transition to electric mobility, writes Olivier Bouvet.
Trolleybus interior
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The mass transportation work has postponed its inauguration to September after delay with supply chains.
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By focusing on operations, materials, design and production, companies can greatly accelerate their sustainable mobility efforts.
Cable cars
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The second line of the cable car will further connect the State of Mexico with Mexico City, easing mobility for over 200,000 inhabitants.
Private vehicle driver using a GPS
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Latin America represents 90 percent plus of Beat’s ride-booking activity and is considered the third private mobility app option for Mexicans.
Woman in a public bus
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At the First National Forum of Mobility Authorities, experts discussed the need to rescue the public transportation system in Mexico.
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As interest in sustainable transportation grows, the question of viability remains. Sum4All published a guide to support sustainable mobility.
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Leon, Guanajuato, aims to become one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the country alongside Volvo.
María Fernanda Rivera Flores
View from the Top
María Fernanda Rivera Flores
General Director of Road Safety and Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems
Ministry of Mobility|SEMOVI
70 percent of people move by public transport, bicycle or on foot in Mexico City. It is important to bring safe and quality mobility to its population
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