Guido Vildozo
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The pandemic’s effects on the supply chain will continue affecting light vehicle production, while EVs keep changing the entire sector.
Toyota Battery Plans
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During its investors' meeting, Toyota Motor Corporation presented its plans to manufacture batteries for its electrified vehicles.
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Find out which are the companies placed in Boston Consulting Group's Most Innovative Companies' ranking
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Do not miss our analysis on sales during 1H2021, as well as top tech and electrification trends.
Toyota Autonomous Vehicles
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Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota, announced the acquisition of several technologies for autonomous vehicles.
3D Systems
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3D Systems introduced production-grade resin Accura AMX Rigid Black, which facilitates the production of large, structural, load-bearing parts.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Do not miss our interview with the heads of Toyota and Siemens México and learn how the industry is evolving. This is the week in automotive!
Luis Lozano - Toyota Motor de México
View from the Top
Luis Lozano
Toyota Motor de México
The president of Toyota Motor de México shares the company’s transformation process to become a CASE mobility company.
Digital Twins - EV
Learn more about what digital and electric twins are and how they contribute to advancing electromobility at the consumer and manufacturing level
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