Ramón Basanta, ATCO Energía
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Ramón Basanta
ATCO Energía
Ramón Basanta outlines the company's smart pricing models and shares his insight on what ails Mexico's transmission system.
Wind technologies represented 6.1 percent of total installed capacity in 2018.
The increase in generation in isolated regions demands the modernization and expansion of transmission and distribution lines. If disregarded along…
MEF 2019
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Mexico Energy Forum 2019: Private-Public Sector Collaboration Crucial for an Efficient Transmission and Distribut panel highlights
mef 2017
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Mexico energy Forum 2017: CFE Ready for Competition in New-Look Market presentation highlights
Manuel Fernández
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Manuel Fernández
Director General North America
Grupo Arteche
Grupo Arteche (Arteche) has been around for 65 years and for the past two decades the Americas have been a strategic region in our expansion goals.
The economies of scale for hybrid and electric vehicles are just not there yet. For that reason we are focusing on making fuel engines much more…
Leopoldo Orellana
President and CEO
Mazda México Sales and Commercial Operators
The focus of SkyActiv is on engines, transmissions, bodies and chassis, sleeker external designs, and lightweight structural components.
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