Stuart Sandler
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Stuart Sandler
Regional Manager, North America
MineSense Technologies
MineSense's new technology is reducing costs and increasing revenue through the use of sensors that find the percentage of recoverable metal.
Koen Langie
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Koen Langie
Senior Hydrogen Solutions Developer and Head of Mining Program
Langie explains the operational and financial benefits of incorporating hydrogen solutions into mining operations.
JOSÉ ZOZAYA President of Kansas City Southern de México
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José Zozaya
Kansas City Southern de México
We also work together with federal and state agencies that promote investment around Mexico.
Raúl Castillo Arteaga, Director General of Andellac
Raúl Castillo Arteaga
Director General
“The trucking sector has a major shortage of tires, leading to an amparo for the importation of about 1 million tires”
Navistar’s ProStar is designed to be at the pinnacle of fuel efficiency in the heavy duty sector.
JOSÉ ELÍAS RAMOS DEL MAZO Fleet Manager of Bonafont
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José Elías Ramos del Mazo
Fleet Manager
The fleet division at Bonafont is responsible for the maintenance, availability, and purchasing strategy for the company’s fleet portfolio
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