Mexico's Minister of Economy and Canada's Minister of International Trade Shaking Hands
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Mary Ng, Canada’s Minister of International Trade, met with Mexico’s Minister of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro, at the Pacific Alliance Summit.
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The IMF advocated for strong monetary policies from central banks to address the global economic crisis. This and more in the Weekly Roundup.
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The airlines announced their commercial alliance in December 2021, but the DOT’s approval is still pending.
Fernando Terrés, Co-Founder and CEO, DolarApp
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Fernando Terrés
Co-Founder and CEO
Crypto’s value proposition must be communicated in a compelling and simple way, presented in a user-friendly product to increase its popularity.
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The alliance will allow these two organizations to take advantage of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
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Bank of America’s experts estimate that Mexico’s Central Bank will increase Mexico’s interest rate to 11 percent.
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Mexico’s Felipe Angeles International Airport has large expansion plans for 2023, explained its General Director.
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Mexico agreed to work alongside the US in vital infrastructure projects that aim to benefit both countries.
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Both startups were awarded in the sustainability and innovation categories.
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