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The two leaders discussed Mexico’s energy transition and its opportunities, while staying away from more controversial topics.
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Mexico’s government claims that the USMCA and its electric reform cause no friction, but some legal experts disagree.
Gas station
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Amidst an energy crisis, US benchmark oil is having a seven-year high in the market.
Gas Power Plant
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In a globalized world, one state’s energy crisis can soon affect another, an issue exemplified by natural gas prices around the world.
Oil rig
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The deal to increase output is driving oil prices to all-time highs.
Image by StuBaileyPhoto from Pixabay
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Aeroméxico obtained approval for its Joint Plan of Reorganization, which is the latest step in its financial restructuration
LNG Tanker
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Higher natural gas prices pose a problem for a country reliant on imports. Nonetheless, Mexico’s location could allow it to profit from LNG exports.
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Mexico’s Black Friday and the Christmas season could face shortage of products due to multiple shipping challenges.
Weekly Roundups
A potential purchase of X-Elio’s Mexican Portfolio and the sale of MT Falcon Holdings are among this week’s top stories.
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