Vanesa Marcos
Expert Contributor
Vanesa Marcos
Communications and Pedagogic Innovation Director
Global Open University-GOU
In the digital environment, the teachers’ role has become that of a facilitator who guides students from a holistic perspective, writes Vanesa Marcos.
Jorge Valdez
Expert Contributor
Jorge Valdéz
TecSalud (Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty of the Monterrey Institute of Technology)
Society demands quality medical practice and as actors in the system, educators and students can effect necessary changes.
Jorge Gutierrez
Expert Contributor
Jorge Gutierrez de Velasco
Aeronautical University in Queretaro
A preliminary vision of the framework of the development of the Strategic Aeronautical and Space Agenda of Higher Education Institutions 2030.
News Article
Although it is a challenge to study or work when all normality falls away, unexpected situations provide students with new tools for self-development.
MAs 2019
News Article
Mexico Automotive Summit 2019:Collaborative Strength for Industrial Growth panel highlights
The future of healthcare in Mexico could rest on two key planks: entrepreneurial know-how that can convert uncertain conditions into business…
José Alarcon
Associate Professor Leadership in Healthcare Institutions
Anáhuac University
The Ministry of Health wants to compensate the lack of health coverage at public institutions and provide healthcare access to those not affiliated
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Steven López
Head of Operations LATAM
Pacific Prime
Pacific Prime is a leading international employee benefits agency with more than 500,000 clients worldwide
Simone Sato
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Simone Sato
Vice Rector of Health Sciences
Laureate International Universities
Laureate International Universities is a global network of 70 campus-based and online universities.
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