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Due to the rehabilitation of obsolete PEMEX infrastructure, the Mexican government will not spend money on this project.
train track over land
Weekly Roundups
While segments of the Mayan Train are completed, a batch of fresh controversies arises to halt its development. That and more in this week’s roundup!
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Mexico can become one of the first countries in Latin America to implement Smart Cities in Mexico City, Queretaro, among others.
Jose Maria Bermudez Aniq Dow
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José María Bermúdez
President, President & General Manager
ANIQ, Dow Mexico
"Mexico’s chemical industry is an economic engine and the essence of any number of value chains in other industries of a strategic nature"
frank matute pacific oil tools
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Frank Matute
Managing Director
Pacific Oil Tools
"In Mexico, you can sometimes still see examples of this type of antiquated mudlogging. Sometimes, it is even done with pen on paper"
mayan ruins
Weekly Roundups
Could the Mayan Train become a globally recognized attraction on its own right? This and more in this week’s roundup!
francisco ruiz galvan asispet
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Francisco Ruiz Galvan
"We would like to see more private operators to include them as part of our growing portfolio."
Carlos Ortiz
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Carlos Ortiz
President and CEO
CAXXOR Group President and CEO Carlos Ortiz explains the advantages of modular refining, a technology that the investment group is pushing in Mexico.
noemi perez repstim
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Noemí Pérez
Well Stimulation Manager
“Not all wells are suitable for stimulation and not all wells will present an increase in their production levels after being stimulated.”
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