rafael llamas director general cargotecnia
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Rafael Llamas
Director General
"We can expect the private sector to make a comeback in the near future in an effort to keep unemployment numbers under control"
rail cargo
Apart from the Mayan Train project, Mexico’s rail sector is accumulating reasons to be optimistic.
truck driver protest
Weekly Roundups
The drive to be part of Mexico’s infrastructure projects is intense enough to motivate protests. That and more in this week’s infrastructure roundup!
puerto de veracruz
Prominent expansion projects in Mexican ports are continuing their progress despite the pandemic.
Lia Bijnsdorp, of United Producers of Mexico
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Lia Bijnsdorp
Managing Director
United Producers of Mexico
United Producers of Mexico has taken important actions to help export processes from Mexico to Europe.
Jeimy Carolina Mathison Jiménez director general of kasoil
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Jeimy Carolina Mathison Jiménez
Director General
"We hope for better times ahead, but what is important is to promote the idea that this industry moves forward regardless." 
robin ellis sercel Vice President of Sales and Marketing
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Robin Ellis
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Sercel Inc.
"When the time comes, we have preparations in place to allow us to come fully back online quickly while ensuring our employees' safety.…
priscilla castañeda director general oceamar
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Priscilla Castañeda
Director General
"There are now more resources and capacity available for operating companies to jump into alternative opportunities."
Ships in Dock
Tuxpan’s position on Mexico’s Atlantic coast makes it a sound choice for expansion.
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