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The US will invest US$2 trillion in the renovation of roads, ports and airports. Mexico could take advantage of this investment.
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What was mentioned during the US inauguration ceremony and what does this mean for Mexico?
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After the riot at the Capitol building, the Senate took a vote to impeach US President Donald Trump on Wednesday.
President López Obrador during a daily briefing in National Palace.
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Highlights: MX$32 billion deal for 384 drug codes open door to imports from around the world. Ebrard laments decision on Cienfuegos arrest…
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the video-message
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104 new deaths and 622 more confirmed cases are recorded in the last 24 hours. Both daily increases are the greatest since the pandemic began
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Mexico has 5,832 confirmed cases of COVID-19, while the US has become the center of the pandemic with the highest number of confirmed cases
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