Yann Kirsch
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Yann Kirsch
Perseus Energy
"The lack of information and certainty that existed at the time in regards to the pandemic made communities in the vicinity fearful"
Verónica Martínez
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Verónica Martínez
Senior Program Officer, Innovation and Climate Change
Martínez explains how ICMM promotes a sustainable and responsible mining industry through the ICMM's Mining Principles.
Hospital Bed
News Article
As the number of cases and deaths rise in Mexico, everyone’s eyes are on the vaccine's expected arrival in December.
Weekly Roundups
Sandra Sanchéz-Oldenhage’s call for more customer-centricity as pharmaceutical companies have to adapt to new realities.
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Highlights: AMLO downplays WHO’s warning and says distance, personal care is enough. COFEPRIS bureaucracy will not get in the way of vaccines…
Vaccine Cooler UN Photos
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COVID-19 vaccines are approaching. Mexico now has to figure out how to transport them within its territory.
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Juan Silanes
Inosan Biopharma
Inosan Biopharma creates unique healthcare treatments to treat neglected health complications in developing regions.
Mexico Registers 89 Leprosy Cases in 2020
Eighteen states have reported new leprosy cases, Sinaloa and Michoacan topping the list.
Melissa Rosales
Expert Contributor
Melissa Rosales
Director General
RM Pharma
Clinical trials are important for discovering new treatments, as well as new ways to detect, diagnose and reduce the chance of developing the disease.
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