DIBICO: Family-led SME Initiates International Expansion
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DIBICO: Family-led SME Initiates International Expansion

Photo by:   DIBICO
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Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 10:42


Founded in 1980, DIBICO has over 40 years of experience in the microbiological culture media market. The company was created by three young entrepreneurs from National Polytech Institute (Instituto Politécnico Nacional) who specialized in bacteriology and industrial chemistry. DIBCO currently serves clinical diagnostics labs, research and academic institutions, as well as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and water treatment industries, to name a few of their clients. As a Mexican, family-led SME, DIBICO’s growth is a result of product consistency, quality services and strict regulatory compliance. Good practices and flexibility have also allowed DIBICO to grow its infrastructure, and it is constantly developing new products to deliver a tailored response to its customer needs. 

Market Niche

DIBICO offers its culture media products and services to the clinical diagnostics, medical services, human and veterinarian pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, agro industry, water treatment, research and education industries.

DIBICO supplies leading national players such as Genomma Lab, as well as multinationals like Kimberly-Clark or P&G. Thanks to its strict regulatory compliance, DIBICO can support customers in their efforts to reach local and international markets. DIBICO has also become a supplier for Mexico's top pubic healthcare providers IMSS and ISSSTE. Its approach and supply capabilities have allowed DIBICO to target companies like Bayer or Sanfer. “Complying with the regulatory and technical requirements of local authorities, as well as those of large multinationals, has been a challenge. However, this never-ending journey has been very rewarding,” said Luis Gabriel García, General Manager of DIBICO.

Client Response Through Innovation Amid the Worldwide Health Crisis

The market for culture media has been subject to continuous development and growth, in line with expanded laboratory requirements from industries like pharma, as well as constant innovation in biotechnology. With increased investment in R&D, the culture media market continues to work toward regulatory compliance and meeting client demands.

Amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the culture media market grew 6.9 percent, according to recent studies. Within this evolving ecosystem, fast, high-quality responses are required from suppliers. García says that this is where DIBICO’s capabilities as an SME were tested. “From the beginning of the pandemic, we have been able to respond and adapt to demand because of our flexibility and fast product development.” Facing increasing demand, DIBICO shifted its production lines, with renewed investment supported by good manufacturing practices.

Smart Inventory for Immediate Needs

DIBICO has over 100 products and solutions in its portfolio. Its flagship products are prepared culture media and transport media, which experienced sustained demand growth in 2020. 

DIBICO’s other products include:

  • Culture media: dehydrated, prepared in plate, tube, bottle and vials, semi-prepared
  • Prepared Chromogenic and fluorogenic media
  • Medium for detection of contaminant bacteria DBC - E. Coli
  • Solutions: isotonic saline solution and phosphate buffer
  • Supplements and ingredients: bacteriological peptones, carbohydrates, amino acids, ingredients, colors, enrichments and inhibitors
  • Accessories for microbiology: loops, swabs, empty petri dishes
  • ATCC reference strains.

As an added value, DIBICO also offers these services to clients:

  • Product development, alongside technical and chemical professionals with the ability to tackle the development of new formulas required in microbiological processes
  • Specialized consulting in microbiology through strategic alliances with affiliates to solve and optimize operational challenges
  • Training with a group of professionals who provide cutting-edge expertise in the area of ​​microbiology and regulation

How It’s Done

To thrive in a market riddled with sanitary concerns, regulations and technical operational issues, capacity comes first—DIBICO complies with good manufacturing practices. Given the sector’s specialization, the company also guarantees excellence in products and services through:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade facilities that comply with sanitary regulations
  • Controlled areas:
    • ISO Class 7 & 8 aseptic areas
  • HVAC - control systems
  • Quality assurance system and Good Manufacture Practices certification

Expansion Goals

DIBICO has become a consolidated national provider with a solid distribution network. As a result, the company’s expansion plan targets exports to Central and South America. So far, the company has established a good synergy with products from Central America’s microbiology segment and has successfully built its presence alongside distribution partners.

Photo by:   DIBICO

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