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Boosting Communications in the Mining Industry

Amilcar Rosas - Danfoss
Sales Manager Heavy Industry


Peter Appleby By Peter Appleby | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/16/2021 - 18:15

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Q:  What are the company’s highlights in the mining sector?

A: For the past two years, we have been working in Danfoss' drives department and as a result we obtained our highest year in sales. Our greatest success is that we actively participated in the mining project at Minera Panama, where we installed more than 700 pieces of equipment. We handled all its technical, pre-sale and after-sale products from Mexico because we always seek to include Mexican resources in our operations, which benefits the country.

Q: What are the benefits of the company’s drive products, especially Danfoss’ speed track?

A: We offer drive products and speed drives for all models in a mining application. The models we offer do not just apply to mining. They could also work in other industries like oil and gas. However, for each industry, we offer different models with a Danfoss speed drive, which is the most important quality in a product. In addition, the company implements internet on all the equipment at our manufacturing plant, which is a key element to ensure its results and provide an added value. Our technology is very important because many people outside a mine need to have access to information, and this can be difficult to achieve because the connection can be difficult to maintain. However, we believe the Danfoss speed drive is the key element for excellent and reliable communication.

Q: How has the pandemic impacted the company’s sales and what is the added value the company offers?

A: The pandemic has changed the mining sector, with some projects suspended. Our company is now focusing on operational expenditures because clients are still requesting products with spare parts and after-sales service. We offer the DrivePro, which is the brand we use for all after-sales products, including maintenance, equipment, product detail information and electrical levels. In addition, the company has observed that since the pandemic began, supply costs have changed. For imported products, costs have increased by 3 percent. Additionally, the lead time to obtain those products has also grown and as a result, we had to expand our inventories by 30 percent. Payment terms, have also changed. We offer a variety of payment periods because sometimes clients need the product as soon as possible but can’t pay right away. We are investing in technical groups that study and learn everything about a mine because availability and service are more important than simply providing the equipment. We need to ensure that our clients are using the equipment correctly and in the case of an emergency, they can contact us. I believe that our value proposition of after-sales service and support has allowed us to strengthen our position in the mining industry. Many companies that produce drives do not have the resources or experience to provide the after-sales service that we provide in Mexico.

Q: What are the most innovative products that the company has in the Mexican mining sector?

A: We recently launched our medium voltage strips. The company is very proud to have implemented the first strips in medium water in a mining plant in Chihuahua. Importantly, we ensured on-time deliveries. There are no producers of medium voltage strips in Mexico that can manage the delivery time that we provide. For example, one of our customers had a problem with water in its mine and there was no other company that could quickly provide the medium voltage strips. We provided the strips and, as a result, the company did not lose any production time. In the end, the customer was satisfied with the solution that Danfoss provided.

The medium voltage strip is a new product in Mexico and our strategy to increase demand for this product in the mining industry is to offer the best lead time and ensure, that in case of an emergency, our customers know they can count on Danfoss’ products and services. We want to become key players in the mining sector. This year, we are putting all our efforts into increasing our presence in the market.

Danfoss provides technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. The company’s products and services are used in areas such as refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, motor control and mobile machinery. The company is also active in the field of renewable energy.

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