Miguel Angel Muñoz
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Miguel Angel Muñoz
President of the Regulatory Council
Marca Chiapas
The Chiapas brand quality mark and marketing support platform is boosting the visibility – and income – of small entrepreneurs.
Chicken wings
News Article
A new chicken wings “digital restaurant” is coming to Mexico offering home delivery only.
Patricio Bichara, Collective Academy
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Patricio Bichara
Collective Academy
Patricio Bichara, CEO of Collective Academy, explains the impact of online education in times of pandemic.
pizza, coke
News Article
Anyone wants a slice of pizza? In #2Q20, Domino's Pizza was the best performing brand within Alsea’s portfolio during the pandemic
National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (CENAPRECE) head Ruy López Ridaura
News Article
The Ministry of Health reports a total of 370,712 positive cases and 41,908 deaths. Officials warn on comorbidity risks, obesity and junk food
Industries Unite Amid COVID-19
News Article
The whole business sector has responded to the crisis, supporting communities and healthcare staff.
Shopping Centers
News Article
According to the Union of Mexican Retailers, shopping centers in Mexico could see the closing of 2,500 stores by the end of July.
lay off, youre fired
Weekly Roundups
During past weeks, there were companies that struggled to keep their employees on board, while others are cutting staff
News Article
Mexico City government carried out 249 labor inspections between April 3 and April 24. Companies breaching the law will be financially sanctioned.
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