Progress After Outsourcing Reform
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Outsourcing was banned from Mexico’s labor practices. Two months after the reform, officials say it is benefitting workers.
Weekly Roundups
Transisthmic Corridor workers interrupted the President’s speech to protest alleged lack of payment. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Was the COVID-19 Pandemic Preventable? WHO Explains
Weekly Roundups
This week WHO discussed how the current pandemic could have been avoided, while real-time solutions move forward
View from the Top
Patrick Devlyn
President of the Health Commission
Both private enterprises and the public sector can benefit from collaboration. CCE is working to facilitate this process.
 Laurel and Michael Evans on Unplash
Experts agree the health industry will play a key role in helping the country brave both its health and economic crises.
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Mexico is undergoing an economic recovery but certain factors could halt this improvement.
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Weekly Roundups
After just over three months of debate, the private sector and the government agreed on changes to the outsourcing reform
Mexico’s Right to Health
Health in Mexico is a recognized human right. Can the country say this is true for everyone?
2021 promises to be a good year for the health industry. What is the current state of the sector after many reforms and a pandemic?
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