During today’s briefing, President López Obrador read the letter sent by former President Adolfo López Mateos to the Mexican people, on the energy sector nationalization in 1960.
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Highlights: AMLO says Free Zone border program can be expanded to Chiapas, Quintana Roo. Responds to US Congress while defending CFE, PEMEX…
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SCJN Indefinitely Suspends new policy that limited private renewable electricity production and prohibited testing of clean energy power plants.
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The measure, meant to prevent flooding in the Grijalva river, has the potential to antagonize the private sector.
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Due to the rehabilitation of obsolete PEMEX infrastructure, the Mexican government will not spend money on this project.
National Water Commission (CONAGUA) head Blanca Jiménez joined the president in today's briefing.
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Highlights: AMLO says to defend Mexico after Supreme Court rejects Ministry of Energy proposal. Recognizes Trump, Pompeo for water treaty…
White House
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Whoever wins the US elections could have a major influence on Mexico’s energy policy.
Alfredo Garcia Mondragón
Expert Contributor
Alfredo Garcia Mondragón
Executive Managing Director
Mexico must think about the best way to supply energy to the country and its citizens. Alfredo Garcia explains how the government could do that
Jose Maria Bermudez Aniq Dow
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José María Bermúdez
President, President & General Manager
ANIQ, Dow Mexico
"Mexico’s chemical industry is an economic engine and the essence of any number of value chains in other industries of a strategic nature"
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Earlier this week, the president announced new infrastructure projects and initiatives. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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