Atlas and Hercules
Updating Mexico’s aging grid is a difficult endeavor. MBN experts believe that private companies can contribute with technology and experience.
Weekly Roundups
The Australian giant is considering leaving the oil and gas industry. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Weekly Roundups
CFE’s solar plans, LNG developments and natural gas imports are among this week’s top stories.
MOGS-MBN-2021-02-1600-Financing the Future
The conversation around the industry’s financial outlook was dominated by alternative solutions to well-known problems.
MOGS-MBN-2021-02-1300-Onshore Oil & Gas Production
Onshore operators contrast the opportunities of their sector with the realities and challenges that still await them.
News Article
Mexico’s export practices in the US clash with the current administration’s proposed energy reforms, argued former USMCA negotiator.
News Article
CFE announced that its investment for the Pasta de Conchos Project will be used to safely access the mine and rescue 65 bodies.
CFE, Manuel Bartlett
News Article
CFE’s renewable plans are ramping up, with billions of investments outlined to its board of directors.
Photovoltaic Panel
News Article
AMLO announces the construction of a CFE-State solar energy plant in Sonora, set to be completed by December 2023.
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