Weekly Roundups
This week’s top stories include an increase in CFE prices for domestic consumers and commentaries on SENER’s energy policy by Rocío Nahle.
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Domestic users will see higher energy bills in 2021 as a result of events that occurred earlier this year.
Weekly Roundups
US-Mexican trade tensions, gas imports and notable business deals in the energy area are among this week’s top stories.
Alfredo García Mondragón
Expert Contributor
Alfredo García Mondragón
Executive Managing Director
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Mexico, through its governments, must understand that the idea of sovereignty is not to have a state monopoly at any price.
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The Office of the US Trade Representative has raised concerns about an unstable regulatory law in Mexico for US energy investors.
Jose Perez-Arenas, Qenergy
View from the Top
José Luis Pérez-Arenas
Managing Partner
Do not miss our interview with José Pérez-Arenas, Managing Partner of Qenergy, an independent and financially stable energy service provider.
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The government is rolling out a new system for the Grijalva River dam to prevent flooding and to boost CFE’s hydroelectricity use.
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Highlights: López Obrador will present a reform to eliminate electricity subsidies granted to companies that pay less than domestic users.
Weekly Roundups
An issue with Mexico’s largest companies and a new wind farm contract are among this week’s top stories.
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