Querétaro Train
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The planned construction for the Mexico City-Queretaro train creates positive expectations for the state of Queretaro.
Map of Europe
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The confederation will open its first representation in Europe to promote trade and to help companies in their internationalization process.
Sales and Discounts
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The Mexican BlackFriday is scheduled for November 9 to 16. Unlike previous years, the event will last a whole week.
National Center for Gender Equity and Health head Karla Berdichevsky during today's briefing.
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The Ministry of Health reports 50,935 estimated active cases nationwide; 6,019 more confirmations than yesterday raises the total to 362,274
President López Obrador, during his economic briefing
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AMLO’s economic plan announced on Sunday failed to meet the demands and needs of the country’s economy and the private sector, according to analysts.
Jose Manuel López, President of CONCANACO-SERVYTUR
View from the Top
Jose Manuel López
To boost the tourism industry, the country needs to develop professional promotional strategies.