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A government dependency developed a new app to help farmers in order to provide them with vital information to boost trade in the country.
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In an increasingly digitalized world, a shortage in chips proves to be problematic for the global economy, and for Mexico as well.
Juan José Salas, NetLogistik
View from the Top
Juan José Salas
Managing Partner
Juan José Salas discusses the trends in logistic for retailers big and small, and how the company’s software helps players to take advantage of them.
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With a new year come new ways of developing online business. What are some of the key factors to keep in mind?
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In order to stay on top of the growing market share, players need to make sure they provide excellent customer service.
closed down commercial spaces
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Despite COVID-19‘s impact on the retail sector, commercial space development might still be popular.
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E-commerce grew significantly during El Buen Fin 2020, highlighting how companies need to improve their digital footprint.
Eduardo Medeiros
Expert Contributor
Eduardo Medeiros
Chief Digital Officer - LATAM
Office Depot
During the lockdown traditional retailers had to innovate quickly, some at a technological level and others with optimization of their human resources
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Buen Fin is approaching and there are certain things retailers and online stores should consider making the most of it.
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