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OXXO announced the release of “Spin,” a digital wallet that allows clients to make transfers without a bank card.
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OXXO now has a new streaming platform through which people will be able to watch festivals, standup shows and exclusive live concerts
Convenience store
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OXXO has started to expand its business again after months of uncertainty due to COVID-19.
The president canceled a postage stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Lázaro Cárdenas, “the best president of Mexico in the 20th century.”
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Highlights: AMLO says FGR might start an investigation into Cienfuegos if recording, videos are unveiled. Walmart, FEMSA among former debtors…
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The giant soda bottler fears severe drops in revenue with these new requirements.
Water ripples
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The green bond has been met with exceptional investor appetite, the company reports.
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Weekly Roundups
The Milpa Intercalada, a system of mixed agriculture that goes back to the pre-Colombian era, could prove useful in the fight against climate change.
The First Mexican Ventilator is Officially Here
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Mexico has a ventilator of its own making thanks to collaboration between public and private entities fighting against the COVID-19 sanitary crisis.
Mexican Ventilator Stands Against COVID-19
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Talent, entrepreneurial initiatives and alliances respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with a ventilator development.
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