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Europe is a large consumer market with an evergrowing appetite for exotic produce. How can Mexican growers capitalize on this opportunity?
Pecan nuts
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Mexican producers of seasonal specialty crops are the bane of southern US growers who see their products outcompeted.
Luz María Chombo
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Luz María Chombo
Head of Certification
Distinction for Responsible Agricultural Company USMCA, known as DEAR T-MEC, is the new labor standard for agricultural companies designed for USMCA
Claudia Jañez, resident of DuPont in Mexico and Latin America and Chair of the Executive Council of Global Companies at DuPont's HQ.
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Claudia Jañez
DuPont in Mexico and Latin America
It is time to recognize people for their talent and potential and not for their gender, said Claudia Jañez at a meeting organized by NGO Alianza 2030.
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Companies need a certain level of specialization to handle delicate management tasks
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