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The International Monetary Fund released its new growth forecast of world economies and Mexico seems it will end 2021 better than expected.
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This new platform is here to help Mexico to be known as a safe and reliable destination for foreign direct investment.
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The China-US trade relationship seems to have a more positive future, which could impact the Mexican economy.
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APEC and ABAC held a virtual meeting to discuss post-COVID-19 recovery strategies.
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Agustín García Rechy
Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific of COMCE
The Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE)
COMCE facilitates opportunities to take business to other countries. García Rechy talks about opportunities in Asia and, food and beverage sector.
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Due to the pandemic, the traditional sampling and showcasing of mangoes in supermarkets has been halted.
Sharon Hahn Darlin
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Due to pressure from restaurants and several associations, the government of Mexico City decided to compromise and open up terraces.
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What was mentioned during the US inauguration ceremony and what does this mean for Mexico?
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