Green Bonds
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Mercado Libre announced the successful closing of green bonds for 2026 and 2031, while also making investments in greener logistic lines.
Iliana Vetrano, Mercado Libre
View from the Top
Iliana Vetrano
Vehicle, Real Estate, and Services Marketplace Director
Mercado Libre México
Iliana Vetrano, Head of the Automotive Division at Mercado Libre, talks about the e-commerce giant’s partnerships with dealers and associations.
Logistics Operations
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Two large e-commerce companies in Mexico make large investments in Queretaro to strengthen their logistics models.
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Mercado Libre inaugurated its new aircraft fleet, which will bring new opportunities for users and the company.
Weekly Roundups
Mercado Libre continues to invest to grow its platform in Mexico.
Phone with an online shop on screen
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COVID-19 has created a more urgent need for digitalization and those who heed the call are noticing positive results.
minimalist, B2B
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What strategies can B2B companies take to engage with clients during the pandemic
mexico, map
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Mexico’s strategic geographical position and labor force have made it the number one destination for startups in Latin America
This is the story of how a spare part seller managed to have 85 percent of its sales coming from digital channels even before the pandemic started.
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