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Iñigo Castillo Badia
Managing Director
Leasing, digital finance tools and fast credit solutions are critical to SMEs, says Iñigo Castillo Badia, Managing Director of Uniclick.
Ana López Mestre
Expert Contributor
Ana López Mestre
Executive Vice President and Director General
American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico
Women must be proactive in their professional and personal growth as a matter of personal choice, writes Ana López.
Auto workshop
News Article
Powered by Mobil, CarKer offers an automotive solutions ecosystem that connects Mexican car drivers with specialized local auto services.
Picture of an owner of a local business
News Article
Efforts to strengthen micro, small and medium-sized companies in Mexico have emerged recently offering them logistics and financial solutions.
Weekly Roundups
Fintech is in the news again, as industry talent, cryptocurrencies and the plight of the country’s MSMEs are all discussed.
News Article
International cooperation helps entities in the region and other parts of the world to support local and regional economic development.
News Article
E-commerce became a lifeline for SMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing many players to survive the crisis.
Export Container
News Article
CANACINTRA joins forces with binational chambers of commerce, ANIERM and custom agents to boost exports from Mexico to the world.
Buy Local
News Article
What are the effects of buying local and why is this a priority during the pandemic?
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