Maria Fernanda González
Expert Contributor
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez
CEO and Founder
Traditional companies can learn from tech startups and become more adaptable and willing to change, to succeed in this new environment.
Bruno Valera
Startup Contributor
Bruno Valera
CEO and Founder
Interoperability through health ecosystems offers a solution for healthtech startups to ramp up their healthcare cooperation, writes Bruno Valera.
The unsuitably named self-supply market has long caused controversy, though it is not just the public sector that criticizes it.
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ANTAD reported that same-store retail sales in Mexico grew 15.3 percent in July, and warned of the negative effect of further closures
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Highlights: López Obrador will present a reform to eliminate electricity subsidies granted to companies that pay less than domestic users.
Weekly Roundups
An issue with Mexico’s largest companies and a new wind farm contract are among this week’s top stories.
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President López Obrador said that he wants to investigate why companies pay less for electricity than private citizens to open a dialogue.
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OXXO announced the release of “Spin,” a digital wallet that allows clients to make transfers without a bank card.
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OXXO now has a new streaming platform through which people will be able to watch festivals, standup shows and exclusive live concerts
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