Maria Jose Treviño
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Maria Jose Treviño
Country Manager
Acclaim Energy
Connecting corporate purpose with sustainability should be at the heart of decision-making for every board of directors, writes Maria Jose Treviño.
The mining industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and its move toward sustainability is imperative to mitigate climate change.
Mosquito Bite
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Mexico aims to become a malaria-free country by 2025.
Mine aereal photography
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La Esperanza sets a precedent of sustainable mining in the country.
Audi Vehicle
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Audi, GM and Nissan are implementing several strategies to ensure the sustainable management of water in manufacturing.
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Mosaico’s vaccine aims to prevent infection but not to cure the disease.
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During COP26, Mexico and others want to see the international community commit to a better way to share resources to combat climate change.
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The two leaders discussed Mexico’s energy transition and its opportunities, while staying away from more controversial topics.
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