Solar panels
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Sempra Energy’s foundation is installing five solar projects in Tijuana, Baja California worth US$200 million.
AST towers looking over US-Mexico Border
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The greater digitalization of border security along the Mexico-US border comes as migrants attempt to make their way through Mexico into the US.
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Weekly Roundups
The infrastructure industry is dragging as Mexico focuses on other economic aspects. Meanwhile, green buildings and solar leases prove their value
Maria José Treviño
Expert Contributor
María José Treviño
Country Manager
Acclaim Energy
2020 closed with over 1,300MW of total accumulated installed capacity under the DG scheme, 99 percent of it representing solar PV tech.
Bright to offer Solar Leasing
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Mexican company Bright Inc. has imported and plans to introduce solar leasing to increase the adoption of this technology.
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Fonatur’s Director Rogelio Jiménez has announced that plans for solar-power capacity have been postponed for the time being.
Xochimilco's trajineras
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Nanobubbles are being released in the waters of the canals for cleaning and depolluting efforts.
Energy Storage for Mexico's isolated communities
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In an effort to combat energy intermittency, Solarever commits US$6 million for research and development of energy storage systems.
Photovoltaic Panel
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AMLO announces the construction of a CFE-State solar energy plant in Sonora, set to be completed by December 2023.
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