Taking notes
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The organism’s director has revealed that the numbers that have been circulated in the media have no basis in geological studies.
Auto plant shows production of car doors.
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The worldwide shortage of semiconductors continues to slow down auto part production.
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The company strives for market consciousness and an environmentally-friendly industry.
Sonora's Energy Sector Development
The state of Sonora is preparing to become a cornerstone of the energy transition by developing landmark renewable energy projects.
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Sonora is the largest contributor to the mining industry in the country: CAMIMEX.
Ambassador Martha Zamarripa @Twitter
Weekly Roundups
Leaders from the Central American country expressed an interest in being part of this project. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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López Obrador discusses the downsides of canceling the Sonora aqueduct. PROFECO names insurers, hospitals with most complaints…
Oil drill
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Benjamin Hill announced their commencement of operations at a promising mine in the Caborca Gold Belt in Sonora.
Open pit mining
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Sonoro Gold Corp has completed the announced PEA on Cerro Caliche and numbers are looking bright.
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