Juan José Salas, NetLogistik
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Juan José Salas
Managing Partner
Juan José Salas discusses the trends in logistic for retailers big and small, and how the company’s software helps players to take advantage of them.
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Both companies have reported the highest stock prices in 2020. Prices are expected to continue increasing due to the high demand for precious metals.
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The company announced that its Fenix project in Sinaloa will be operational for almost 10 years.
ALFONSO BONILLAS IT Solutions, Partner Centric Mining Systems México
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Alfonso Bonillas
Alio IT Solutions, Partner Centric Mining Systems Mexico
Alfonso Bonillas explains how data enhances mining operations.
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Mexico seeks energy self-sufficiency. However, despite projects like the one in Caverna Salinas, Mexico will increase its dependency on US imports.
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Sempra has offered to purchase the remaining stake of IEnova to build a unit focused on natural gas infrastructure and renewable energy.
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CFE International requested to transmit electricity from the US to Mexico. However, this depends on environmental and supply evaluations.
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Changes in the US could have deep implications in the development of Mexico’s aerospace industry.
Joe Biden Auto industry
Joe Biden’s bet on clean energy, EV development and US manufacturing jobs will echo in the Mexican auto industry.
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