Talent and Education Challenges Drive Institutional Change
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Talent scarcity and educational issues are driving companies to make institutional changes.
Carlos Andres de Silva, Vice President of Human Resources, DHL Express Mexico
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Carlos Andres de Silva
Vice President of Human Resources
DHL Express Mexico
Company value propositions need to be continually adapted to the changing needs of its contributors says Carlos Andres de Silva, VP HR, DHL.
Hernán Valcarce, Vice President HR North Latam, Danone
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Hernán Valcarce
Vice President HR North Latam
Danone Mexico is transforming to integrate its business units, which will require upskilling its workforce, says Hernán Valcarce.
MTF2022-The Hybrid Workplace Designing a Win-Win for People and Employers
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After getting accustomed to remote work, companies are having trouble incentivizing a return to the office, according to industry leaders.
MTF2022-The Future of Recruitment
News Article
The recruitment process continues to advance, but it is not a replacement for human decision-making, according to industry experts.
MTF Leadership In the Digital Age
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Mexico Talent Forum 2022, to take place on May 18-20, will examine the evolution of Mexico’s labor market and its emerging trends.
Jacqueline Samira, Founder and CEO of Austin Software
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Jacqueline Samira
Founder and CEO
Austin Software
Latin American talent can help US companies overcome one of the greatest periods of talent scarcity, says Austin Software’s CEO.
Designing an Impactful Value Proposition
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At the heart of a successful and innovative business is a robust value proposition, experts agree.
Miguel Castuera | Conekta
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Miguel Castuera
Vice President of People
Designing a culture with a value proposition that transcends the company itself is a powerful talent magnet, says Conekta’s Miguel Castuera.
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