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Walmart Mexico's senior baggers can return to work once they are vaccinated
Grupo Herdez, Mexico, digital transformation
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Grupo Herdez will invest US$15 million to accelerate its digital transformation with the help of Google over the next few years
Benjamin Nunez, SAS Group
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Benjamin Nunez
Co-Founder and Sales Director
SAS Group
Sanitizing solutions are no longer a plus but their customization is. SAS Group manufactures these products with focus on the identity of each brand
mexico city
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Mexico's unemployment rate registered a decline in December to 3.8 percent, or 2.1 million people, compared to 4.8 percent in November
Amazon, Prime Day, pandemic, COVID19, warehouse workers, Mexico Business News
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Amazon's Prime Day was not a happy one for everyone. Warehouse workers say the company has put them at risk despite the pandemic
McDonalds, Travis Scott, J Balvin, Mexico Business News
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McDonald's is confident that campaigns with celebrities like Travis Scott and J Balvin will help it increase its sales
Daniel Romero, Prettl Coil Components
Daniel Romero
Prettl Coils & Components
Diversification is key to stay afloat. The pandemic and a sustained crisis in the automotive sector is what some have called a perfect storm
Agustin Gutierrez, McKinsey & Company
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Agustín Gutiérrez
McKinsey & Company Mexico
Mexican consumers are no longer the same as before the pandemic. New living and working conditions have changed purchasing habits, perhaps forever
Beyond Meat, 2Q20
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Beyond Meat’s bet on supermarkets payed off as restaurants closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic
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