Carina Reverter
Expert Contributor
Carina Reverter
CEO, Latin America
Camels, not unicorns, are the new darlings of investors in the healthtech sector, writes Carina Reverter.
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Weekly Roundups
IATA urged governments to follow WHO protocols and encouraged opening borders.
Air China
News Article
China’s top three state-owned carriers will buy almost 300 Airbus jets, as Boeing remains partially frozen out of China.
Juan Artigas
View from the Top
Juan Carlos Artigas
Head of Research
World Gold Council
Juan Carlos Artiga discusses the changes gold has experienced in the last decade and the factors that could shape its performance in 2022.
US-China Trade War
News Article
According to OECD, economic recovery following the COVID-19 crisis will be asymmetrical. Find out why.
World Geopolitics
News Article
COVID-19 has endangered the status quo that has dominated the world since 1989.
Mitchell Krebs
Mitchell Krebs
President and CEO of Coeur Mining

I personally think that the industry is pretty well-positioned. I would say that in 2011, when metals prices were at their peak, the industry got rather lazy. But then as prices for silver and gold declined over the ensuing years, the industry was forced to address some of those areas where it was a little bloated. Costs were reduced, marginal mines were either shut down or sold and balance sheets were really improved. In 2011, companies were pursuing growth at all costs without financial discipline in terms of capital allocation and ROI. But now I think the industry has a much sharper focus on true profitability and returns to shareholders. I feel the industry now is in a much better position. Silver and gold prices have stabilized and strengthened. US$1,350/oz is a very attractive price for the industry and underpinning this is exchange rate volatility, debt levels, geopolitics and supply set to further decline.

Late 2016 brought a wave of geopolitical uncertainty with a series of shocks, first with the UK’s decision to leave the EU, then the election of…
Herny González
Herny González
Leader of Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction Mexico and Central America
Adaptability is a competitive advantage in the tourism sector, whether it is to the changing economic environment
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