Juan Francisco Torres Landa
Expert Contributor
Juan Francisco Torres Landa
Director Partner
Hogan Lovells
Mexico needs to act today to face the COVID-19 crisis. If it does not, the results will be serious.
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Mexico is exhorting its citizens to stay at home during the long Easter holiday. That’s bad news for the tourism industry.
graciela alvarez
View from the Top
Graciela Álvarez
NRGI Broker
Graciela Álvarez, CEO of NRGI Broker, has played a key role in advocating for the best possible practices in the oil and gas sector.
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Mexico needs to incorporate a long-term view when drawing up plans for the infrastructure necessary to push its economy forward and to attract the…
Felipe Calderón
Felipe Calderón
President of Mexico (2006-2012)
"My plan is to try another legal reform in order to modernize PEMEX in a way similar to what petrobras did 10 years ago."
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