Weekly Roundups
This week, public and private organizations focused on World Diabetes Day, which puts prevention and treatment efforts on the spotlight.
José Solís-Padilla, Executive Director - Americas, Mayo Clinic
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José Solís-Padilla
Executive Director - Americas
Mayo Clinic
Personalized medicine makes it possible to give the patient the right therapy at the right time, says Mayo Clinic’s José Solís-Padilla.
Weekly Roundups
Mexico is at its lowest point in COVID-19 contagious but monkeypox cases are increasing.
Radio Therapy
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Medica Sur and Mayo Clinic are collaborating to increase the penetration of minimally invasive surgery in Mexico.
Medica Sur-Mayo Clinic- 2022
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After years of collaboration, Mayo Clinic and Médica Sur will focus on improving oncology care in Mexico.
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Misael Uribe
Médica Sur
In its 40 years, Médica Sur has published 1,000 research projects and trained 3,500 post-graduate doctors in its laboratories, clinics and hospitals.
MHS2022-img-2021-Day2-1045-A Roadmap to a Digital .jpg
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Digitalization at hospitals is the first step for an interconnected system, agreed experts.
The Future of Medicine: Robotics
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Robots in healthcare can tackle the most complex procedures, find out their potential impact here.
Tech Revolutionizing Hospital Management
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Hospital management systems are the first step toward a unified IT system for efficient health services.
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