The Future of Medicine: Robotics
News Article
Robots in healthcare can tackle the most complex procedures, find out their potential impact here.
Tech Revolutionizing Hospital Management
News Article
Hospital management systems are the first step toward a unified IT system for efficient health services.
Healthcare Trends to Look for in 2021
Global healthcare trends go beyond COVID-19. Find out what leaders of the industry foresee for this year.
Gustavo García
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Gustavo García
Skye Group
Skye Group is a group of companies characterized by the innovation they implement in their organizational culture, products and services
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Juan Manuel Cáceres
Aidicare creates friendly technological environments within hospitals to offer personalized treatment and attention to each patient.
Healthcare Technology Transformation Accelerated
The pandemic significantly accelerated the technology adoption process. How will traditional practices and consultations evolve?
A Sector Moving Forward With High Expectations
Weekly Roundups
More changes to the public health sector’s organization and promising developments against COVID-19. This is the Week in Health!
Óscar Elizondo General Manager Of Ucin Médica
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Óscar Elizondo
General Manager
Ucin Médica
General Manager of Ucin Medica Oscar Elizondo explains how the company has been able to distribute 3 million devices yearly across the country
A United Response From The Healthcare Industry In Mexico
News Article
From the frontline of the pandemic to the vaccine race, the healthcare industry in Mexico has worked nonstop over these past months.
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