Advances in QC could make the technology available sooner.
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Quantum computers can now fix more errors than they create, advancing the technology toward practical applications.
Mexican Companies Remain Highly Susceptible to Cyberattacks
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Despite a looming cyber pandemic, Mexican companies have failed to build up their defensive capabilities.
Patricio Bichara, Collective Academy
View from the Top
Patricio Bichara
Collective Academy
Patricio Bichara, CEO of Collective Academy, explains the impact of online education in times of pandemic.
Deputy Minister of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell during today's briefing.
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The Ministry of Health reports 36,327 total deaths and 311,486 positive case since the pandemic started. There are a further 80,721 suspected cases
tracing tool
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Mobile smartphone giants have decided to introduce to the market a COVID-19 tracing tool for IOS and Android.
Spotlight Leap
13,000 Orders for LEAP engines have been placed
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