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Three officials from Donald Trump’s administration have sent a letter to their Mexican counterparts, lamenting blocked private energy investments.
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Rocío Nahle said that PEMEX is open to negotiate farmouts contracts with private companies, especially if there is more commitment and better results
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Minister of Energy Rocío Nahle presented her case to the Senate regarding renewable energy, CELs and SENER’s policies.
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CFE is planning to grow energy supply and national security by constructing a micro nuclear power plant in Baja California.
Nuclear Energy Plant
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Rocio Nahle, Minister of Energy, explained that a micronuclear plant is being considered, which would be the second one of its kind in the country.
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SCJN Indefinitely Suspends new policy that limited private renewable electricity production and prohibited testing of clean energy power plants.
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Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla’s plans to tender a US$200 million solar plant have met resistance from Mexico’s Ministry of Energy.
Deputy Minister of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell during today's briefing.
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Ministry of Health reports 505,751 accumulated cases after 7,371 are added since yesterday. Over 627 new deaths rise national death toll to 55,293
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President López Obrador has taken two key steps to defend his energy policy.
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