Bike Lane
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One of the most important avenues of Mexico City, Insurgentes, will have a permanent bike lane.
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SEMOVI announced a public transport renovation program for 2021. How much is being invested and where is the money going?
Weekly Roundups
The tender for the fifth segment of the Mayan Train has a winner. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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Bicycle use has increased in Mexico City as it is seen as a safer transportation method in light of the pandemic.
Bus people
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The Mexico City government is making efforts to improve mobility for public transportation users, as well as vehicle owners.
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Two finalists remain with the winner scheduled to be announced by the end of the month
Urban panorama
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The pandemic has made us rethink the way we live, our spaces and how we connect with people.
María Fernanda Rivera Flores
View from the Top
María Fernanda Rivera Flores
General Director of Road Safety and Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems
Ministry of Mobility|SEMOVI
70 percent of people move by public transport, bicycle or on foot in Mexico City. It is important to bring safe and quality mobility to its population
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Mexico City’s Minister of Mobility announced ECOBOCI, the city’s bike-sharing service, will be visible on Google Maps.
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