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Juan Ávila
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Bitcoin and other crypto currencies use substantial amounts of energy. Juan Manuel Ávila discusses the implications for the energy transition.
Mayan Handwork
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A trilateral agreement seeks to boost the energy transition for remote indigenous communities, which traditionally benefit little from renewables.
Lithium in the US
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Lithium is an essential tool for the energy transition and therefore for the government’s energy independence policy.
Immediate Solutions for Power Producers
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As the global energy transition ramps up, power producers are looking for smart and adaptable solutions to cutting GHG emissions.
Antofagasta, Chile
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The excess of energy in Chile, in addition to the country’s ambitious plans, open the opportunity to export energy to the rest of the world.
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A brief summary of the panels featured in the first day of Flexible Power Symposium LATAM and Caribbean.
Energy Transition Likely to Cost US$49 B
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Although every country’s energy system is unique, repeated modeling suggests there is a standard process.
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The two leaders discussed Mexico’s energy transition and its opportunities, while staying away from more controversial topics.
Press Conference
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Mexico’s government is confident that its clean energy goals will be reached, though many experts believe a pending reform could harm the transition.
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