National Water Commission (CONAGUA) head Blanca Jiménez joined the president in today's briefing.
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Highlights: AMLO says to defend Mexico after Supreme Court rejects Ministry of Energy proposal. Recognizes Trump, Pompeo for water treaty…
President López Obrador presented the new draft by the Supreme Court in today's birefing.
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Highlights: AMLO says investment plan includes communication, energy sectors. Applauds decision to allow referendum on trials for ex-presidents…
López Obrador presented an own analysis of columnists and newspapers political stands today In National Palace. The president lamented that he is criticized by 66.3 percent of them.
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Highlights: Security official says Chihuahua’s governor is attacking the National Guard. Abbott’s letter to US Secretary of State is now public…
President López Obrador detailed a report on the La Boquilla dam affair.
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Highlights: AMLO calls on dam affair and says he will unveil a letter sent by Texas’ Governor to Mike Pompeo. Suggest entities to end corruption…
President López Obrador detailed a report on PRI and PAN members who according to him are behind the Chihuahua watter affair.
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Highlights: AMLO says former president and PAN governors are to blame for rising conflict over Chihuahua dam. Fame of hope will be lit in Zocalo…
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Mexico’s entrenched fraud problems cost the country billions of dollars each year.
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Collaboration is essential for both companies and communities to take advantage of mining projects’ success.
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