Mauricio Ceballos, MCxA, Architects
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Mauricio Ceballos
Founder & CEO
MCxA Group
Space and distance became more relevant when the pandemic arrived. This is a challenge for architecture but also a door to creativity
Carlos Godinez, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Transpalce
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Carlos Godinez
Senior Director of Sales and Marketing
Transplace Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Carlos Godinez addresses how the purchasing of three companies will boost their operations
Rep Ultra Clean Tech Results
Repstim presents its Rep Ultra Clean system, capable of supporting comprehensive well cleanouts while saving operators time and money.
Mario Alberto Aguilar
Expert Contributor
Mario Alberto Aguilar
Mexico's Association of Logistics Operators| AOLM
The pandemic has highlighted the importance of adapting to change and taking the best opportunities from it; those who fail may become obsolete
UStorage, self storage, logistics, ecommerce
News Article
The increase in online purchases due to the pandemic showed logistics is the main Achilles' heel for almost all businesses in the e-commerce…
Alejandro López
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Alejandro López
Director General
Grupo TM
According to Grupo TM, COVID-19 is facilitating a revolution in the logistics industry.
Eric Villagomez - Green Energy Development
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Eric Villagómez
Green Energy Development
Learn more about how to save up to 13 percent on your annual fuel budget by integrating the right technology.
Alain Bissada
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Alain Bissada
Senior Director Canada & Mexico
Genetec is a software company that helps end-users to gain a better understanding of their environment for more security and operational efficiency.
U-Storage - Diego Ysita
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Diego Ysita
Learn more about self-storage and its potential to support last-mile deliveries, e-commerce companies and efficient logistics.
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