Mexico City is using Big Data and AI to assess COVID-19’s future behavior.
by Claudia Guzmán
The Mexican government has purchased US$56 million in medical equipment and supplies from China. There are 8,000 beds ready for severe COVID-19 cases…
by Ricardo Guzman
Technology and digitalization are ensuring safe food imports into the country.
by Samantha Bonomo
Weekly Roundups
On Sunday, Mexico expected to have a clearer scenario on the economy, but it seems like we will have to wait longer
by Miriam Bello
How are Mexico’s and the world’s ports dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak?
by Peter Appleby
Globally, hydrogen is being considered the solution for energy storage and its popularity is rising steadily.
by Dalia Maria de León
The industry is keen to diversify away from China. A major opportunity opens for Mexico.
by Alejandro Ehrenberg
Confinement can flatten the contagion curve. However, there is no economy that can survive stalled for that long.
by Alessa Flores
The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the need for autonomous systems. Are we moving fast enough toward the driverless future?
by Alejandro Salas
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