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The China-US trade relationship seems to have a more positive future, which could impact the Mexican economy.
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Álvaro García-Maltrás
President of Latin America and the Caribbean
Trina Solar
Trina Solar’s Álvaro García-Maltrás explains the company’s successes over 2020 and its plans to expand in 2021.
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Agustín García Rechy
Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific of COMCE
The Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE)
COMCE facilitates opportunities to take business to other countries. García Rechy talks about opportunities in Asia and, food and beverage sector.
Kevin Gutiérrez, Huawei
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Kevin Gutiérrez
Vice-President of Sales for Inverter Business at Huawei
Kevin Gutiérrez shines a light on Huawei’s efforts to increase its portfolio and tackle the DG market.
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In the most recent WTO report, Mexico was ranked fifth among the main exporters of critical medical products to combat COVID-19 in 2020.
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The IMMEX program has been used and adapted in other countries, showing even better results than those achieved in Mexico.
Weekly Roundups
Leadership changes, acquisitions and blockages are part of this week’s top news.
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One of the largest trade agreements was recently signed and this could mean new advantages for Mexican investment and trade.
Train on Mexican Rails
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Mexico is focusing on investment in its railway sector, which could bring great development opportunities.
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